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Hands on... Eyla Moore & Lola Myluv

by SinsVR


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Hands on... Eyla Moore & Lola Myluv

180° 60 FPS
Studio: SinsVR
Aug 29, 2019
Positions: sitting
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@hallucinogenix   Oups, sorry :)
SinsVR (02.09.2019)
@SinsVR I think you must have me mixed up with somebody else regarding issues with the 'Hands' in the scene - It's never been an issue for me in any scene.  But it's great news that Lola will make a return and possibly Cindy and Gina - Thanks again :)
hallucinogenix (02.09.2019)
@hallucinogenix   Yes, Lola is indeed one of the best performers, and she is coming back soon :) … I will keep in mind for Cindy and Gina :) As for the hands I am still unconvinced :) When we started to shoot VR back in 2015, it was two schools: a big majority of "No hands" and the small minority of "Hands on..." Guess what side I was! Now-a-day, proportions are inversed with a huge majority of studio hopefully showing hands... You are using your hands when you have sex! For the solo, I think it is the same... If I shoot without any hands it is JUST a voyeur scene, the user is not involved! :-/ if some hands come in the action, it is a POV scene, isn't it? User is in it... So I do not give up :)
SinsVR (02.09.2019)
@spamiam   Thank you :) You will see Lola again, that's for sure, she is a Queen!
SinsVR (02.09.2019)
Just a superb scene. This studio is about the only one that adds value to my sub here any more. Keep producing this top tier GG content. Keep casting Lola, man she's smoking hot.
spamiam (30.08.2019)
Thank you for listening to the feedback regarding the jump cuts on previous scenes and making the changes - This scene is absolutely superb and exactly what i was hoping for. The moving camera is perfect getting nice and close in to the action without making me feel motion sickness, and of course the girls in this scene were amazing, but especially Lola Myluv who is just incredible in every single way. Please get her back for a scene with Cindy Shine or Gina Gerson if possible as they are all stunners - Cheers :)
hallucinogenix (29.08.2019)
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