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Hands On... Nancy & Cindy

by SinsVR


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Hands On... Nancy & Cindy

180° 60 FPS
Studio: SinsVR
Starring: Nancy A Cindy Shine
Jul 29, 2019
Positions: sitting
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@jayk421 Thanks for the update - I look forward to seeing if it resolves the issues on the upcoming scenes - Cheers :)
hallucinogenix (10.08.2019)
@jayk421, @hallucinogenix, and others... I get your feed backs... We have one more scene to come which was shot that way (action/freeze/change pov/action) and I understand your point. As it is a very good scene, we will try to edit it with softer transition of cross/dissolve of 2 seconds and your feed-back will be welcome :) Next week we will shoot several new scenes which will be handled considering your feed-backs bellow :)
SinsVR (09.08.2019)
Thanks Patrik. I don't think I have seen anyone have a problem with the wide angle and close ups. Its the instant cut between the two that is/was the problem.
jayk421 (05.08.2019)
Hi Patrick - thanks for taking the time to reply and explain the issue - however i'm not sure people actually love the jump cuts/ teleporting etc, i think the reason why people are clicking on the like button is down to the overall scene with stunning girls, great camera angles and superb picture quality - I think the overall majority would prefer zero jump cuts and a smooth transition in and out of position as long as the camera is not shaky. Personally my brain takes about 2 seconds to re-focus to the new positions and this totally ruins the immersion and reality of what i am seeing. Obviously this is just my opinion but hopefully you will look into trying something different as your previous scenes have always been superb - Thanks again
hallucinogenix (05.08.2019)
Hello all, during the shooting we used a cinematographic concept to shoot wide angles POV followed by close-ups of the same action (it is usually done with at least 2 cameras), this is how the natives files were done to have something different than 95 % of the content published out there... than we edit it with Adobe Premíére and soft cuts, and during the rendering process the soft cuts were lost, to become sharp cuts. We re-edited, to recreate the soft cuts. But there are soft cut between wide angle / close-ups, this is how we wanted the content. Now, it looks that some of you do not like this concept (calling it "jump cuts" or "teleporting) while some others love it...
PatrikRyan (05.08.2019)
Has the original file been updated yet? I re-downloaded yesterday and it was still jump cuts.
jayk421 (03.08.2019)
Has anyone who operates a vr camera ever even put on a vr headset?
hus01 (02.08.2019)
Unfortunately i can't see any difference as i re-downloaded and the scene is just as bad as before with the camera jumping position by around 6ft - Close up, then far away without any sort of transition or smooth movement - Definitely not fixed !
hallucinogenix (01.08.2019)
Thanks so much for the update, you guys are an awesome studio for doing something like that.
kmeadu (01.08.2019)
That's excellent news, as this new series is superb but the transitions were really an issue for me. I really hope you manage to get the issue sorted as SinsVR release superb scenes with great image quality and beautiful girls - Thanks again
hallucinogenix (31.07.2019)
hallucinogenix --- I have to apologize about the transitions issue, it seems to be some incompatibility between two softwares, as our Adobe Premiére project includes soft transitions, but we are currently working on this, and this matter should be solved in the next hours. a better version will be re-uploaded. Thank you for understanding.
SinsVR (31.07.2019)
Please stop with the teleporting as the editor is ruining the scenes of one of my favourite VR Studios - Another scene with stunning girls spoilt - Gonna unsub if this carries on....
hallucinogenix (30.07.2019)
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