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Charlie Red & Tina Kay - Hands On...

by SinsVR


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Charlie Red & Tina Kay - Hands On...

180° 60 FPS
Studio: SinsVR
Starring: Charli Red Tina Kay
Jun 29, 2019
Positions: sitting, staying
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There are some parts where the timing between the left and right eye images is off (one eye sees a different point in time than the other which causes a kind of disorientation). One starts at about 10 minutes in and ends when the video cuts to closeup. Another is around the 15 minute mark and fortunately doesn't last very long. The action and the girls are great, though.
sehfisu (01.07.2019)
This was almost amazing except for the asshole who kept putting his hand in the scene. Fuck that guy. Completely ruined the immersion and lost my hard on.
MozzerllaRick (30.06.2019)
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