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by SinsVR


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Hands On... Sharing is caring!

180° 120 FPS
Studio: SinsVR
Nov 4, 2019
Positions: sitting
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@spamiam   Thank you ! :) I will be thinking of your suggestion....
SinsVR (04.11.2019)
Another epic sapphic scene! Previews of this scene were posted on Reddit a week ago or so and I’ve been eagerly anticipating its release. It certainly doesn’t disappoint - the ladies are absolutely gorgeous and every time one or more of them steals a glance at us to see how crazy they’re making us and smiles or laughs it nearly makes me blow a nut. God I love that about these scenes. What would absolutely blow my mind is if after the first half of being forced to watch, the girls agree amongst themselves to let us join and then take turns ravaging us with their beautiful bodies as they continue to kiss and play with each other too. Perhaps that concept could become a new hot series category? After this release I am convinced to subscribe to you guys directly now because what you’re creating deserves as much subscription support as possible. I tell you if you can create scenes that moved from lesbian voyeur to the hot lesbians deciding to let the guy join in to play though, that’s my biggest fantasy of all time — I’d subscribe for life!!! Thanks SinsVR for making these incredible scenes.
spamiam (04.11.2019)
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