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Hands On... Stacy & Stella

by SinsVR


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Hands On... Stacy & Stella

180° 120 FPS NON-POV
Studio: SinsVR
Oct 2, 2019
Positions: sitting
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Excellent scene. Models remain in the sweetspot, so the image remains clear and detailed. The camera moves when appropriately and in a way that doesn't invoke any motion sickness. Lastly the girls are hot. Truly gives the sensation that you are there in the room with them. One of the best VR scenes I've viewed to date. Worth owning and Highly recommended.
mickjaggled (01.06.2020)
@spamiam   Thank you :)
SinsVR (05.10.2019)
@hallucinogenix   Thank you :)
SinsVR (05.10.2019)
Yeah, SinsVR have definitely hit a sweet spot and getting everything right these last few scenes - Stunning models, incredible image quality, great camera work getting close to the action without motion sickness... and as @spamian says SinsVR seem to be the only site which puts out high quality Lesbian material. There really isn't anything i would change at the moment - Great work guys :)
hallucinogenix (04.10.2019)
Wow!! Wow and wow and a lot more wow! SinsVR, you guys are the only site putting out quality lesbian voyeur material. I think this scene nearly gave me a heart attack. I didn't think it was possible to get hotter than Eyla Moore & Lola Myluv and then you drop this nuclear bomb. I think I'd truly die and go to heaven if you'd make some scenes like this where the girls force us to watch, don't let us touch try as we might, tease and play with us for half the scene, and then give in a little, then a little more, and finally we get to ravage them both. I would be over the moon. In any case, please keep doing the amazing top-shelf girl girl scenes. You're the only one out there that is and there are a lot of us fans that crave it. How about a GGG scene one of these days, or better still GGG to BGGG?
spamiam (03.10.2019)
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